Making great beer
for great beer drinkers

Specializing in classic Belgian and contemporary American beer styles, Pete L. Crowley is producing an array of brews for every beer palette. Crowley, a high decorated brewer has won over 50 local, national and international aways for his brewing creations  including medals from the World Beer Cup®, Great American Beer Festival® and  Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer.  Varieties range from refreshing Pilsners to holly ales to rich Imperial Stouts aged in bourbon barrels in our own cellar, a brewing technique that has put Crowley on the national beer map for his pioneering work with the specialty. Out impressive array of 32 tap handles behind the bar feature more than 10 hours brewed varieties with space to offer other craft beer selections as well. 

The Haymarket Story

What does it mean to be proud of what you’d done, and to celebrate it at the end of a long, hard day? What does it mean to feel like a neighbor to the stranger sitting next to you?  What does it mean to know you have somewhere you belong?

 After many years of brewing and the many awards that have adorn Haymarkets Beer, Peter L. Crowley understands a thing or two of what makes a great beer. We named our company – Haymarket Beer Company – in honor of those ideas and the people who took pride in them and worked hard to protect them. (That’s a great story, by the way, and you should read more about it.)

 We’ve built Haymarket out of everyday people – office workers and school teachers, stonemasons and police officers, plumbers and postal workers – with one promise: making great beer for great beer drinkers. It means that even as we grow, that we never lose sight of what got us where we are today – each other.

Forgive us for getting mushy – this kind of stuff doesn’t come out well through a computer screen. Come and see us the next time you’re in town. We’ll show you what we mean.